EAS Academy: предложение для членов национальных обществ атеросклероза

The European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) invites the members of Russian National Atherosclerosis Society to the EAS ACADEMY

The EAS ACADEMY is the web-based platform for EAS’ educational activities. Our society members use EAS ACADEMY to access to lectures from the EAS Congresses, from EAS Advanced Courses and from other EAS activities.

We see great potential in the EAS ACADEMY to increase knowledge of atherosclerosis and dyslipidaemia for a wider audience. We therefore welcome your society members to take advantage of the following offer.

Selected Premium content available free to Russian National Atherosclerosis Society members

As an introductory offer, all the members of your society have free access to the following three short courses on the EAS ACADEMY:

• Statins in cardiovascular prevention: Successes and problems
(6 lectures)

• The proof of causality for LDL-C in atherosclerosis
(3 lectures)

• New aspects on the genetics of atherosclerosis
(2 lectures)

These three topics should be of great interest and will give the most recent frontline knowledge and research in the field.

Complimentary full individual membership of EAS on completion of any of these courses

Furthermore, we offer complimentary one-year individual membership of EAS to those of your members who complete one of these short courses. Individual EAS members have access to the whole EAS ACADEMY, and persons with Individual membership in 2018 are eligible to attend EAS 2019 Congress at reduced member-registration rates.

Thank you for your support in this initiative to share the latest knowledge in the field of atherosclerosis and related diseases to a wide audience.

Please let your society members know about this opportunity using the attached information sheet.

Kind regards

Lale Tokgozoglu MD FACC FESC
President, EAS

Professor of Cardiology
Hacettepe University

Dajana Milosavljevic

Mässans Gata 18
Box 5243
SE-402 24, Gothenburg

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