2020г. №4 (41)


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DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.04.0001
Y. A. Shuvalova, S. A. Moskalenko, A. I. Kaminnyi
Contribution of polymorphisms of genes of the Interleukin-6 system to the development of atherosclerosis
- р. 5

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.04.0002
M. E. Bugriy, I. V. Sergienko, V. B. Sergienko
Relationship of adipose tissue structure and secretory function with the atherosclerosis development according to positron emission tomography. Review
- р. 12

Original articles

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.04.0003
E. S. Ostapchuk, V. S. Myakotnykh, T. A. Borovkova
Variability of lipid spectrum indicators for people of different genders and ages with acute and chronic disorders cerebral circulation
- р. 20

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.04.0004
V. V. Genkel, A. S. Kuznetsova, O. E. Stolbushkina, S. A. Rusanova, I. I. Shaposhnik
Carotid total plaque area as an independent predictor of polyvascular disease in patients with stable coronary artery disease
- р. 28

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.04.0005
A. L. Burdeynaya, O. I. Afanasyeva, M. V. Ezhov, E. A. Klesareva, Z. B. Hasanova, O. A. Razova, M. A. Saidova, S. N. Pokrovsky
Genotype, phenotype and level of lipoproteid(a) in patients with aortic stenosis depending on the presence of coronary heart disease
- р. 35

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.04.0006
G. G. Arabidze
Review based on the materials of the 88th Congress of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) held on October 04–07, 2020 in on-line format
- р. 44


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