2020г. №2 (39)


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DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.02.0001
S.A. Moskalenko, Yu.A. Shuvalova, A.I. Kaminnii
The role of the Interleukin-6 system in the development of atherosclerosis
- р. 5

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.02.0002
R.A. Zhetisheva, M.A. Kovaleva, I.A. Kamenikhina, L.I. Kovalev, V.G. Naumov
Search for protein biomarkers in atherosclerosis using proteomic technologies - as a promising area of science
- р. 12

Original articles

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.02.0003
B.V. Pomogaybo, M.I. Pugachev, V.V. Tsoma
Awareness assessment of familial hypercholesterolemia among medical practitioners of medical institutions in southern Russia
- р. 20

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.02.0004
V.Yu. Kopylov
Changes in the functional state of the epithelium of the proximal renal tubules in individuals with dyslipidemia associated with obesity complications of type 2 diabetes, when taking simvastatin, in the aspect of cardio-renal syndrome
- р. 26

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.02.0005
I.V. Logacheva, T.A. Ryazanova, V.R. Makarova
The role of intra-abdominal adipose tissue in patients with overweight and obese comorbid cardiac pathology
- р. 33

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.02.0006
U.V. Chubykina, O.I. Afanasyeva, N.A. Tmoyan, M.V. Ezhov
Monitoring and screening programs for patients with familial hypercholesterolemia
- р. 43

DOI: 10.34687/2219–8202.JAD.2020.02.0007
N.N. Chuchkova, M.V. Smetanina, N.V. Kormilina, K.A. Pazinenko, O.M. Kanunnikova
Tautomeric forms of magnesium orotate in the correction of magnesium deficiency and lipid status in magnesium-deficient animals
- р. 49


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