2019г. №4 (37)


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DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0001
A.N. Sumin, E.V. Korok
The problem of intact coronary arteries: what non-invasive tests can solve it?
- р. 5

Original articles

DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0002
Zhetisheva R.A. , Kovaleva M.A., Kamenihina I.A., Shogenova M.H., Kovalev L.I., Naumov V.G.
Smooth muscule transgeline and its role the atherosclerotic process
- р. 18

DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0003
M.Yu. Zubareva, I.V. Sergienko, A.A. Аnsheles, N.B. Gornyakova, O.M. Drapkina
Results from Long-term Combination Therapy Statins with Fenofibrate in Patients with Mixed Hyperlipidemia
- р. 27

DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0004
S.A. Bliznyuk, T.A. Rozhkova, M.V. Ezhov, A.B. Popova, V.V. Malakhov, M.I. Tripoten, O.A. Pogorelova, U.V. Chubykina, N.A. Tmoyan, T.V. Balakhonova, M.I. Afanasyeva, O.I. Afanasyeva, S.N. Pokrovsky
Lipid-lowering Therapy and Predictors of Outcomes in Patients with heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia
- р. 36

DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0005
I.A. Umnyagina, T.V. Blinova, L.A. Strakhova, V.V. Troshin, V.D. Fedotov
Oxidized low-density lipoproteins as indicators of the developmnet of chronic cardiovascular insufficiency in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of occupational etiology
- р. 46

DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0006
E.A. Polyakova, S.E. Nifontov, M.I. Butomo, O.A. Berkovich, E.I. Baranova
Echocardiographic assessment of the epicardial fat layer in patients with various stages of coronary artery disease
- р. 54

Сlinical case

DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0007
M.M. Alshibaya, M.V. Vitovich, E.N. Nikolaeva, V.N. Tsarev
A parodontopathogenic microflora in atherosclerotic plaque in patient with cardiovascular disease
- р. 64

Educational lecture

DOI: 10.34687/2219-8202.JAD.2019.04.0008
PP Malyshev, YA Shuvalova, AI Kaminny
Statins: to whom and in what cases are they indicated?
- р. 69


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