2018г. №4 (33)


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From the editor

V. V. Kukharchuk
On the extreme risk of cardiovascular diseases
- p. 5


Expert Committee Presidium
I. Sergienko, M. Shestakova, S. Boytsov
Expert Committee
A. Ametov (Moscow), M. Antsiferov (Moscow), V. Kukharchuk (Moscow), D. Zateyschikov (Moscow), M. Ezhov(Moscow), V. Gurevich(Moscow), A. Galyavich(Kazan), M. Voevoda (Novosibirsk), D. Duplyakov (Samara), O. Barbaraşh (Kemerovo), Yu. Khalimov (St. Petersburg), G. Arutyunov (Moscow), Yu. Karpov (Moscow), M. Bubnova (Moscow), L. Drozdova (Moscow), N. Sonicheva-Paterson (Spain), A. Ansheles (Moscow), I. Samorodskaya (Moscow), N. Koziolova (Perm), O. Drapkina (Moscow)
Extreme risk category in the stratification of cardiovascular complications. Advisory board consensus
- p. 8


M.R. Kabardieva, A.E. Komlev, I.V. Kuchin, T.E. Kolmakova, M.A. Sharia, T.E. Imaev, V.G. Naumov, R.S. Akchurin
Aneurysm of abdominal aorta: a view of cardiology and cardiovascular surgeon
- p. 17

N. A. Kochergin, A. V. Frolov, V. I. Ganyukov
Coronary graft failure
- p. 25

Original articles

G.P. Smirnov, T.A. Rozhkova, M.Yu. Zubareva, N.B. Gornyakova, Yu.A. Shuvalova, A.I. Kaminny, D.V. Rebrikov, V.A. Koshechkin, P.P. Malyshev
The impact of the allelic variant rs2230806 of the АВСА1 gene on phenotypic expression of familial hypercholesterolemia
- p. 36

A.E. Vanyukov, L.S. Kokov, K.Yu. Berezhnoi
Transradial approach for percutaneous coronary interventions in patients older than 80 years with acute coronary syndrome
- p. 43

V.A. Kudinov, T.I. Torkhovskaya, T.S. Zakharova, N.V. Medvedeva, V.N. Kashirzeva, E.I. Korotkevich, O.M. Ipatova
Influence of various sizes phospholipid particles for phospholipids and apoprotein A1 levels in high density lipoproteins subfractions after incubation with blood plasma in vitro
- p. 50

V. M. Mironov, D. V. Ognerubov, E. V. Merkulov, A. N. Samko
Penetration and substantial support (PASS) technique in patients with complex coronary anatomy
- p. 59

А.I. Кaminnyi, А.M. Аbdellatif, P.P. Malyshev, T.A. Shishova, Yu.А. Shuvalova
Evaluating the impact of different diagnostic criteria of metabolic syndrome on the prognosis of patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction
- p. 66


On the 90th anniversary of academician Andrei Ivanovich Vorobyev
- p. 74

Instructions for authors
- p. 75

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