2018г. №3 (32)


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I.D. Syrova, A.V. Kovalenko
Are small and moderate stenosis of carotid arteries the risk factors for cerebrovascular complications in patients in coronary artery bypass grafting?
- p. 5

Original articles

V.A. Lazarenko, E.A. Bobrovskaya, L.N. Tulupova
Level of oxidized lipoproteins of low density and endothelial status in patients with objective atherosclerosis of lower limbs after reconstructive operations on aorto-iliac-femoral segment
- p. 13

Andrey Yu. Olkhovik , Soreya A. Urazgildeeva, Anton V. Vasiliev , Pavel S. Sadovnikov, Victor S. Gurevich
Accuracy of blood lipids determination on express analyser CARDIOCHEK PA
- p. 20

V.V. Genkel, A.O. Salashenko, I.I. Shaposhnik
Aortic-brachial stiffness gradient in patients with stable coronary artery disease and peripheral arterial disease
- p. 28

D.K. Shishkova, E.A. Velikanova, E.O. Krivkina, A.V. Mironov, Yu.A. Kudryavtseva, A.G. Kutikhin
Toxicity of calcium phosphate bions for aortic adventitia in rats
- p. 37

D. Yu. Serdyukov, A. V. Gordienko, V. T Dyidyishko, M. A. Panova, I. V. Rudchenko, O. V. Glotov, S. V. Apal'ko, S. G. Shcherbak
Inkretine and adipokine state among young and middle-aged men with initial atherosclerosis
- p. 44

L.I. Markova, E.M. Podgornaya, OL Belaya, OM Lazutine
Laboratory predictors and markers of successful reperfusion in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
- p. 52


Аlekyan B.G., Bazhan S.S., Boytsov S.A., Bubnova M.G., Voevoda M.I., Galstyan G.R., Gurevich V.S., Ezhov M.V., Kalashnikov V.Y., Кarpov Y.А, Кonovalov G.A., Меshkov А.N.3, Sergienko I.V., Shestakova М.V.
Evolocumab – new opportunities for cardiovascular risk management in patients with atherosclerosis and diabetes
- p. 59

I.V. Sergienko, A.S. Ametov, M.B. Antsiferov, Yu.Sh. Khalimov, M.I. Voevoda, G.R. Galstyan, A.S. Galyavich, D.V. Duplyakov, A.G. Obrezan, A.A. Ansheles, S.N. Tereschenko, O.M. Drapkina, V.V. Kukharchuk, S.A. Boytsov
Consensus Statement. Cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus: new opportunities for reducing mortality
- p. 68

From the editor

Anniversary of Yu. P. Nikitin
- p. 73

News and announcements

News from congresses on atherosclerosis 2018
- p. 74

Instructions for authors
- p. 78

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