2017г. №4 (29)


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Lead article

MV Ezhov, SA Bliznyuk, IA Alekseeva, VA Vygodin
Prevalence of hypercholesterolemia and statins intake in the outpatient practice in the Russian Federation (ICEBERG study)
- p. 5


V.P. Lupanov
Treatment and secondary prevention of stable ischemic heart disease
- p. 18

I.V. Samorodskaya
Management of Dyslipidemia for chronic forms of coronary artery disease: a review of Guidelines.
- p. 24

N.B. Gornyakova, IV Sergienko
Analysis of the results of the ACCORD Lipid study. The positive effect of combined therapy of statin and fenofibrate in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
- p. 34

Original articles

A.S. Tereshchenko, G.K. Arutyunyan, E.V. Merkulov, D.M. Kayraliev, A.E. Grossman, A.N. Samko
Assessment of myocardial contractile function of left ventricle in patients with STEMI after use of manual thrombus aspiration: results of three years of observation
- p. 40

Т.А. Mulerova, A.A. Кuzmina, V.N. Maksimov, М.I. Voevoda, М.Y. Ogarkov
Relationship of polymorphisms of ace, adra2b, adrb1 and enos genes associated with arterial hypertension and lipid metabolism disorders
- p. 49

E.V. Kashtanova, Ya. V. Polonskaya, I. N. Yakovina, N.A. Bannova, Yu.I. Ragino
Development of a calculator for laboratory diagnosis of the risk assessment of coronary atherosclerosis
- p. 62


Celebrating the 85th birth anniversary of D.M. Aronov
- p. 69

Celebrating the 80th birth anniversary of A.A. Lyakishev
- p. 71

Celebrating the 60th birth anniversary of M.I. Voevoda
- p. 73

Celebrating the 75-th birth anniversary of V.V. Simerzin
- p. 75


VV Kuharchuk, MV Ezhov, IV Sergienko
Rationale new target level of low density lipoprotein cholesterol in Russian guidelines for the diagnosis and correction of disturbances of lipid metabolism in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Position of RNAS experts.
- p. 77


IV Sergienko, MV Ezhov
Report on the Xth Annual RNAS Scientific Conference
- p. 80

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