2016г. №2 (23)


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V.N. Titov, V.A. Amelyushkina, T.I. Kotkina, A.V. Aripovskiy
Stages of formation in blood plasma and diagnostic value of modified low density lipoproteins - p. 5

A.B. Sumarokov
The duration of dual antiplatelet therapy in patients with coronary atherosclerosis after stent implantation - p. 18

Original Articles
A.B. Popova, N.B. Gornyakova, O.A. Pogorelova, M.I. Tripoten, T.V. Balahonova, D.N. Nozadze, I.V. Sergienko
The relationship level proprotein convertase subtilisin / keksin 9 type with the severity of carotid atherosclerosis in patients with hyperlipidemia - p. 33

N.V. Rybalko, N.V. Bolomatov, A.A. Abrosimov, O.I. Vinogradov, A.N. Kuznetsov
Asymptomatic microembolic signals at the patients with carotid atherosclerosis as the predictors of acute ischemic cerebrovascular complications - p. 41

A.N. Sumin, J.A. Kolmykova, I.N. Kukhareva, M.V. Ott, D.A. Sumin, N.I. Vodopyanova, A.A. Morkvenas, O.A. Trubnikova, A.V. Kovalenko
Pathological ABI at patients with acute ischemic stroke: prevalence and factors associated with its presence - p. 48

V.V. Genkel, A.O. Salashenko, O.A. Alekseeva, M.N. Denisenko, I.I.Shaposhnik
Investigation of endothelial shear rate in patients with atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries - p. 58

G.Hk. Kayumova, V.A. Razin
Pregnancy-associated plasma protein a, as instability analyzer atherosclerotic plaques in acute coronary syndromes - p. 65

Clinical Case
A.S. Tereshchenko, G.K. Arutyunyan, V.M. Mironov, E.V. Merkulov, L.G. Ambatiello, A.N. Samko
Stent deformation due to spiral right coronary artery dissection - p. 73

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