2015г. №2 (19)


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Key Article
Presidium of the Expert Council: Yu. A. Karpov, V. V. Kukharchuk, S. A. Boytsov
Consensus Statement of the Russian National Atherosclerosis Society (RNAS) Familial hypercholesterolemia in Russia: outstanding issues in diagnosis and management - стр. 5

M. H. Shogenova, R. A. Zhetisheva, A. M. Karpov, Y. V. Dotsenko, V. P. Masenko, V. G. Naumov
The role of oxidized low-density lipoproteins and antibodies against oxidized low-density lipoproteins in the immune and inflammatory process in atherosclerosis - стр. 17

N. S. Sinkevich, М. А. Мaslennikov, О. S. Bulkina, Yu. А. Каrpov
Peripheral atherosclerosis diagnostics by the circulating biomarkers determination - стр. 22

Original Articles
G. M. Orlova, A. L. Nebesnyh
Metabolic syndrome in the Baikal region: ethnic peculiarities of dyslipidemia - стр. 30

A. A. Dotdaeva, Z. B. Khasanova, L. A. Egorova, G. M. Shiganova, I. A. Sobenin, A.Yu. Postnov, S. A. Boytsov
The association of genetic risk factors of atherosclerosis with traditional risk factors of atherosclerosis in patients with coronary heart disease living in highlands (at the example of Karachay-Cherkessia) - стр. 35

A. Sumin, A. Osokina, N. Fedorova, O. Raikh, O. Khriachkova, O. Barbarash
The levels of matrix metalloproteinase-2, -9 and soluble ligand CD 40 in patients with coronary heart disease and susceptibility to psychological distress - стр. 41

О. А. Rubanenko, N. А. Кirichenkо, O. V. Fatenkov
Optimization of hemostasis indicators under the influence of statin therapy in patients with ischemic heart diseases - стр. 50

A. L. Dombrovskiy, I. V. Sergienko, A. V. Rvacheva, A. A. Ansheles, A. E. Semenova, V. V. Kukharchuk
Effect of different doses of atorvastatin therapy on endothelial progenitor cells and angiogenic factors in patients with ischemic heart disease - стр. 56

Clinical Case Report
B. M. Lipovetskiy
About homozygous hyperlipidemias observed in Saint-Petersburg Lipid clinic - стр. 69

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