2015г. №1 (18)


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V. V. Kukharchuk, A. E. Semenova
Correction of hyperlipidemia: statin treatment at post-marketing the COMPLIANCE study - p. 5

A. V. Klemenov, A. A. Vostokova
Features and consequences of coronary artery lesions in Kawasaki disease - p. 12

Original Articles
V. V. Tishko, V. V. Tyrenko, A. N. Shishkevich, I. B. Oleksyuk, M. E. Meshkova, В. V. Sagun
The influence of coronary angioplasty and stenting on inflammatory biomarkers in Coronary Heart Disease patients - p. 17

Ya. V. Polonskaya, E. V. Kashtanova, I. S. Murashov, A. V. Kurguzov, A. M. Volkov, О. V. Kamenskaya, A. M. Chernjavski, Yu. I. Ragino
The interrelation of the basic parameters of calcium and lipid metabolism with atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries - p. 24

A. N. Osipenko
Plasmalogens in myocardial hypoxia and experimental hypoxia - p. 30

B.M. Lipovetskiy, M. Yu. Mandelshtam, V. O. Konstantinov
Clinico-genetical peculiarities of probands with familial hypercholesterolemia and members of their families, observed during 10 years and more - p. 41

V. A. Barinova, V. V. Sinyov, A. I. Ryzhkova, S. S. Trubinov, A. V. Zhelankin, K. Yu. Mitrofanov, A. N. Orekhov, A. Yu. Postnov, I. A. Sobenin, M. A. Sazonova
Analysis of heteroplasmy level in mitochondrial genome mutation m.G15059A of CYTB gene in lypofibrous plaques of human aortic intima - p. 47

Celebrating the 90th birth anniversary of academician Iu M. Lopukhin - p. 52
Celebrating the 70th birth anniversary of professor V. P. Lupanov - p. 53
Celebrating the 75th birth anniversary of professor B.A. Sidorenko - p. 54

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