2014г. №4 (17)


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T. V. Zhdanova, N. S. Borzunova, A. V. Nazarov
Characteristics of lipid metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease and the effect of lipid-lowering drugs on renal hemodynamics - р. 5

Original Articles
N. V. Gomyranova, V. A. Metelskaya, O. N. Tkacheva, I. N. Ozerova, N. V. Perova, I. D. Strazhesko
Biochemical markers of atherogenic shifts in lipoprotein profile: the relationship with biological and chronological vascular aging - р. 14

Yu. I. Ragino, E. V. Kashtanova, A. M. Chernjavskiy, Ya. V. Polonskaya, M. I. Voevoda
Relationship of blood osteonectin concentration with inflammatory, oxidative and lipid biomarkers in coronary atherosclerosis and its complications - р. 20

I. V. Dvoryashina, T. V. Supryadkina
Adiponectin, dyslipoproteinemia, insulin: the relationship and impact on the risk of angina recurrence in men after myocardial revascularization - р. 25

V. V. Solomyanyy, I. V. Sergienko, V. M. Mironov, A. N. Samko
Quantitative assessment of intermediate stenosis of coronary arteries by single photon emission computed tomography with attenuation correction in comparison with fractional flow reserve - р. 32

B. M. Nazarov, O. Yu. Agapova, Yu. A. Dolgusheva, K. A. Zykov, I. E. Chazova
Efficacy and safety of the selective β-blocker bisoprolol in patients with cardiovascular and broncho-obstructive diseases - р. 38

D. Y. Serdyukov, A. V. Gordienko, N. I. Gulyaev
Morphofunctional state of the liver and heart in patients in the subacute period of myocardial infarction - р. 46

Clinical Case Report
A. L. Burdeynaya, M. V. Ezhov, Yu. G. Matchin, I. A. Alekseeva, O. A. Komar, V. V. Kukharchuk
Lipoprotein (a) as the only risk factor in young men with myocardial infarction - р. 52

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