2014г. №2 (15)


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M. S. Safarova, O. I. Afanasieva
Application of lipoprotein apheresis in atherosclerosis and its complications - p. 5

V. M. Mironov, E. V. Merkulov, A. S. Tereschenko, A. N. Samko, V. V. Solomyanniy, N. R. Tagieva, I. V. Sergienko, Y. A. Karpov
Fractional fow reserve measurement for decision making in multivessel and diffuse coronary artery disease - p. 17

T. T. Sadykov, A. N. Samko, I. I. Staroverov
In-hospital outcomes of pharmacoinvasive approach in patients with acute myocardial infarction with ST-segment elevation - p. 23

I. N. Ozerova, V. A. Metelskaya, N. V. Perova, N. E. Gavrilova, O. I. Chernushevich
Relationship of low densities lipoprotein subfractions with triglycerides level in patients with different grade of coronary arteries stenosis - p. 33

M. V. Melnikov, V. A. Zelinskiy, A. S. Zhorina, D. A. Chuglova
Abdominal aortic calcifcation in peripheral arterial occlusive disease: risk factors and markers - p. 38

On the 60th anniversary of Professor A. Samko - p. 43

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