2014г. №1 (14)


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A.N. Samko, E.V. Merkulov, V.M. Mironov, D.N. Filatov
Restenosis: causes and mechanisms of development with different types of endovascular treatment - p. 5

A.S. Tereshchenko, V.M. Mironov, E.V. Merkulov, I.V. Levitskiy, A.N. Samko
Late and very late drug-elution stent thrombosis - p. 9

O. V. Cigankova, K. Y. Nikolaev, E. L. Fedorova, Z. G. Bondareva
Sex hormones metabolism in men through the prism of cardiovascular risk - p. 17

A.M. Karpov, A.V. Rvacheva, M.H. Shogenova, R.A. Zhetisheva, V.P. Masenko, V.G. Naumov
Immunoinflammatory mechanisms of atherosclerosis: modern consepts - p. 25

O. M. Drapkina, A. G. Avilova
Statins and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: necessarily and safety? - p. 31

O.V. Boeva, R.I. Sayfutdinov, V.A. Tcareva
The estimation of nephroprotective effect of combined lipid-lowering therapy in decompensated type 2 diabetes - p. 36

D.E. Pukhov, S.V. Vasilev, A.S. Zotov, M.V. Ilin, A.S. Rudy
Localization habits and composition of mineral deposits in atherosclerotic plaques of coronary arteries according to the scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffractometry - p. 40

P.A. Shesternya, S.Yu. Nikulina, V.A. Shulman
Prediction of long-term outcomes in patient with myocardial infarction using locus 9p21.3 risk genotypes - p. 50

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