2013 №4 (13)


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Yu.V. Bobryshev, A.N. Orekhov
Dendritic cells and their potential importance for immunotherapy of atherosclerosis - p. 4

V.M. Mironov, E.V. Merkulov, A.N. Samko
Endovascular treatment with bioresorbable vascular scaffold system. The first experience in Russia - p. 16

A.S. Tereshchenko, V.M. Mironov, E.V. Merkulov, A.N. Samko
Chronic total occlusions of coronary arteries: morphology, pathophysiology, technique of recanalization - p. 21

M.V. Koshurnikova, T.V. Balahonova, Yu.A. Karpov
Ultrasonic visualization capabilities studying size and structure of atherosclerotic plaques - p. 31

D.N. Nozadze, T.V. Balakhonova, I.V. Sergienko, О.А. Pogorelova, S.G. Urozalina, A.E. Semenova, T.N. Vlasik, E.R. Maslova, V.V. Kukharchuk, Yu.A. Karpov, S.A. Boytsov
The connection between lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 mass and activity serum levels and carotid atherosclerosis in patients with different categories of cardiovascular risk - p. 39

M.A. Sazonova, S.A. Kosogorova, V.V. Sinev, V.A. Barinova, Z.B. Khasanova, Yu.V. Bobryshev, I.A. Sobenin
Analysis of mitochondrial gene G12315A heteroplasmy mutations in homogenates of lesions of the aortic intima - p. 46

V.V. Skibitskiy, Z.T. Sokaeva, A.V. Fendrikova
Gender features of the effectiveness of lipid-lowering therapy in patients with metabolic syndrome - p. 49

Т.О. Pavlunina, Y.А. Shuvalova, V.I. Kaminnaya, E.I. Kaznacheeva, V.S. Tutunov, O.V. Margieva, S.A. Moskalenko, А.I. Kaminnyi
Interleukin-6 and high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels association with atherosclerotic lesions severity in coronary arteries - p. 57

I.S. Belokopytova, O.V. Moskaletz, F.N. Paleev, O.V. Zotova
The diagnostic value of adhesive molecules sICAM -1 and sVCAM-1 in ischemic heart disease - p. 62

V.V. Kukharchuk
Brief overview: European Society of Cardiology congress in Amsterdam, 2013 - стр. 66

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