2013 №3 (12)


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D.N. Nozadze, O.S. Bourmistenko, A.E. Semenova, I.V. Sergienko, T.V. Balakhonova, T.N. Vlasic
Instrumental and laboratory methods to identify unstable atherosclerotic plaques - p. 4

E.Yu. Bulanova
Statins and liver - p. 11

V.E. Olejnikov, I.B. Matrosova, E.A. Melnikova
Dynamics of indices of vascular stiffness and lipid metabolism in patients with coronary heart disease during treatment with high-dose atorvastatin - p. 17

V.V. Belov, A.A. Menschikov
Survival rate functions in cohorts of men aged 40-59 depending on presence of arterial hypertension and old myocardial infarction at various concentration of HDL-c (ACCORDING TO 30-YEAR PROSPECTIVE STUDY) - p. 25

V.V. Simerzin, М.А. Kаchkоvskiy, О.А. Rubanenko, N.А. Кirichenkо
Correction of lipid, hemostasic disorders and remodeling of brachiocephal arteries in patients of very high risk of cardio-vascular death - p. 36

V.V. Sinev, M.A. Sazonova, M.M. Chichewa, K.Yu. Mitrofanov, A.V. Zhelankin, I.A. Sobenin, A.Yu. Postnov
Heteroplasmy A1555G mutations of the mitochondrial genome in homogenates of the atherosclerotic aortic intima - p. 45

L.A. Haisheva, S.V. Shlyk, T.Y. Bykovskaya
The microcirculation in patients with arterial hypertension - p. 49

B.M. Lipovetsky
The development of atherosclerosis and its complications in patients with high levels of c triglycerides or low HDL - p. 56

Yu.A. Karpov, V.V. Kukharchuk
Atherosclerosis 2013: prevention, diagnostics and treatment. Annual Collaborative meeting 2013 of Italian and Russian Society of Atherosclerosis (under the auspices of European Society of Atherosclerosis) - p. 60

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