2013 №1 (10)


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Arabidze G. G.
Clinical immunology of atherosclerosis – from the theory to practice - p. 4

Ephremova Yu. E., Soboleva G. N., Karpov Yu. A., Таrаrаk E. M.
Application of photodynamic therapy in the pathology of the vascular wall. - p. 20

Zubareva M. Y, Rozhkova T. A, Gornyakova N. B, Solov'eva E. J, Kukharchuk V. V, Amelyushkina V. A, Kotkina T. I, Titov V, Susekov A. V.
Residual risk in patients treated with statins from the very hight risk group of the development atherogenic dyslipidemia. A prospective study CRISTALL part 1: purpose, objectives, design, and baseline characteristics of the included patients - p. 26

Goloshchapov-Aksenov R. S., Lebedev A. V., Merkulov E. V.
Optimal antiplatelet therapy in patients with acute coronary syndrome, undergoing to primary percutaneous coronary angioplasty - p. 35

Sazonova M. A, Barinova V. A, Sinjov V. V, Chichewa M. M, Mitrofanov K. Yu., Zhelankin A. V, Hasanova Z. B, Egorova L. A, Sobenin I. A, Postnov A. Yu
Mutations’ level detection of mitochondrial genome G14459A in homogenates of the human aortic intima - p. 40

Drapkina O. M., Korneeva O. N.
Safety of statins in the treatment of patients with high risk of cardiovascular complications and hepatic pathology - p. 44

События НОА - стр. 49

Поздравляем с юбилеем

The 50th anniversary of Arabidze Gregory Guramovich - стр. 49

The 80th anniversary of Aronov David Meerovich - стр. 50

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