2012 №1 (6)


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Goldberg A. C., Hopkins P. N., Toth P. P., Ballantyne C. M., Rader DJ., Robinson J. G., Daniels S. R., Gidding S. S., de Ferranti S. D., Ito M. K., McGowan M. P., Moriarty P. M., Cromwell W. C., Ross J. L., Ziajka P. E..
Familial hypercholesterolemia: screening, diagnosis and management of pediatric and adult patients: clinical guidance from the National Lipid Association Expert Panel on Familial Hypercholesterolemia - p. 4

Meshkov A. N., Kalinin M. V., Ershov A. I., Kosenkov E, Shcherbakova N. V., Rozhkov T. A., Masenko V. P., Kuharchuk V. V., Boitsov S. A.
The level of PCSK9 in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia - p. 12

Golubeva O. A., Tvorogova M. G., Malyshev P., Rozhkov T. A., Kuharchuk V. V.
The correction of lipid metabolism and markers of inflammation by diet and HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in patients with a different forms of hyperlipidemia - p. 16

Kukharchuk V. V.
Assessment of the effectiveness of TULIP. The results of observational studies "Compliance." - p. 22

Drapkina O. M., Korneev O. N., Palatkina L. O., Ivashkin V. T.
Statins in the treatment of chronic heart failure - p. 32

Sergienko I. V.
Inhibition of cholesterol absorption in the enterocytes - p. 37

In memory of Anatolii Nikolaevich Klimov - p. 48

Current Events of RNAS - p. 49

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