2011 №2 (3)


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Maksimenko A. V., Turashev A. D.
Functions and state of endothelial glycocalyx in the norm and pathology conditions - p. 4

Lupanov V. P.
Comparative evaluation of functional methods in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease - p. 18

Sergienko V. B., Babaev F. Z.
Possibilites of PET for myocardial metabolism estimation - p. 26

Lipovetsky B. M.
Clinical and genetic aspects of primary dyslipidemia - p. 32

Semenova A. E., Kukharchuk V. V.
Intensive atorvastatin intake. Treatment efficiency improving - p. 36

Tutunov V. S., Zubarev M. Yu., Malyshev P. P., Kukharchuk V. V.
Statins in rheumatology - p. 43

Current Events of RNAS - стр. 49

Instructions for Authors - стр. 52

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