About RNAS

From left to right: Dr. Igor Sergienko, Prof. Yuriy Karpov, Prof. Eugeniy Shlakhto, Prof. Alberico Catapano, Prof. Rafael Oganov, Prof. Sergei Boytcov

The scope of the Russian National Atherosclerosis Society (RNAS) is to bring together specialists involved in the atherosclerosis research and forward them in direction of solving actual problems related to pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and its complications. RNAS is aimed to disseminate modern scientific achievements among the medical community and the public, which should lead to reduction in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in Russia.
The Russian National Atherosclerosis Society is a membership-based non-profit voluntary organization. It was established by the initiative group of citizens of the Russian Federation, united on the basis of common interests to pursue the general objectives defined herein.